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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Weekday Staycation at Richmonde Ortigas

An aunt who flew back home last October also brought a two-night De Luxe Accommodation at Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas. I later found out she got it free from one of her condo investments under Megaworld, given out to Filipino Overseas Workers as she is based in Dubai.

Halloween decor at the concierge.
Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

Since I have the night shift, I had the room to myself for two straight days while my aunt hurriedly squeezed all that she needed to do before the weekend comes.

A selfie against the Ortigas skyline. I love the floor lamp and this chaise that I am sitting on.

It's my first time in Richmonde and although I saw that some of the room fixtures were a little outdated, it only emphasized the old world luxe feel of the hotel. The mattress and the down were so comfy I tried it the first time and woke up several hours later, missing the buffet breakfast the first day!

The telephone and bedside controller of everything in the room. I don't think all the features worked anymore although
I'm sure the AC controller did. Of course I kept the notepad and the pencil - keepsakes!

Oh well, I enjoyed the other facilities the hotel has like the newly renovated indoor pool which was so well-hidden you'd be delighted when you finally hurdled past the gym locker room and the towel attendant area.

And that was a weekday stay-cation in Richmonde I'd cherish for days to come!

As an aside, I also got some chocolates and an Aero shirt from my aunt. Great week, indeed! 

Playing Catch Up

It has been some time since I have last made an addition to this blog. I could go on and on about all that has happened between the last post and this but I digress.

Catching up to lost writing time, my first problem was where to start? For some months now, I have been enjoying Smart Gold's iPhone plan - unlimited LTE connection on iPhone 5 and some of what I like about iPhone (and iOS) are the photo feature Moments and the app HeyDay. 

This is the HeyDay app. Find it at the App Store.

This is the Moments feature of the Photos App in iOS. It automatically arranges your photos based on time/date taken and adds location when available.

Problem solved. I will start on the earliest Moment or HeyDay I have in my phone. Great!

"Risk it all cause I'll catch you if you fall. Wherever you go, if my heart was a house you'd be home." Owl City, If My Heart Was a House

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Night Among Star(let)s

I had a funny recollection last night.

When I was young, I used to think that showbiz stars are people who came from a single line of gene pool. They are so named because they embody star-like qualities - our very own human stars in a world of human constellations.

These thoughts crossed my mind because while having coffee at Mocha Blends, talking to the Marketing Officer about holding my team's christmas party, one of my charges mentioned that the manager was a model for Mossimo.

He did look like a star.

To seal the deal, I asked this lady marketing officer if the manager can pose as our very own Santa Claus! And guess who Mrs. Claus would be?

Later on, I was accosted by one of my team's support people who brought along a local magazine show host. He's this young soon-to-be-hunk that we often see on TV these days.

Of course, I had several pictures taken.

A night out with stars...

Although I no longer believe they are essentially of a different race than most normal people, I still feel a little star-struck. I can't wait to be Mrs. Claus!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Steps

In a few days, I will be one year old in my present company... And I am currently celebrating this feat with my baby lappie...

Just soaking the mushrooming coffee-wifi spots all over metro Naga with nothing really important to do.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Silver Thoughts

I am now officially 25 years old. It's my silver anniversary. Twenty five years since I first opened my eyes to the world and cried because of the surprising experience. I would imagine the burning feeling of every impulse in overdrive as I was suddenly thrust into the unknown - the biting coldness of the antiseptic air on my skin, the cloying dampness and the metallic stench of blood overwhelming my nose and the harsh brightness of the room assaulting my eyes. I can only imagine the horror of it all.

And now I'm here. All 25 years worth of experiences writing this down as I again add another testament to my existence.

I am at a loss. I swirl my Merlot and breathe in the fruity notes of raspberry as I ponder on this blank space. Later today, I plan on hearing Mass to thank the Almighty for giving me life in all its beautiful imperfection. Above all, I will give thanks for all the friendships I have found and nourished in my life for they are the family of my heart.

I have always been a little theatrical on my birthdays but I guess this is pretty normal. We can't help but look back on our lives, sorting out memories that stand out and crying and laughing inside at all the funny mishaps we've survived. I look like a fool now as I recall fond memories of birthdays past and pause as I silently wish for the people I no longer have with me.

Birthdays, I now understand, are reminiscent to what I construe as the chaos of impulses when we are borne in this world. That's why, as babies, our instinct is to cry.

Now I feel the same. I'm deeply grateful for everything I have in my life and at the same time I feel a distinct sadness that punctures my very soul. My thought drifts to the man who passed away unexpectedly. To put it simply, I have lost when he died. And today, I am gripped with an overwhelming sense of longing for him. I miss my dad terribly even after all these years. The pain of losing someone never really leaves us; we just find ways of distracting ourselves eventually.

In a few hours my family will start waking up and I will summon my greatest smile as they wish me a Happy Birthday. No gifts and no sweet frills - only the uncomplicated greetings reserved for birthdays.

I will have a happy birthday.

'Good morning, Little Piglet,' said Eeyore. 'If it is a good morning,' he said. 'Which I doubt,' said he. 'Not that it matters,' he said.
A. A. Milne (1882 - 1956)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Song Bug

I'm following a few blogs online and two of them currently feature Whitney Houston. MisterHubs currently has MTV Icon: Whitney Houston featuring Mad TV's fun gibe at the artist and Ruff has One Moment In Time using the song (of the same name) as his inspiration for this year's resolution. Copycat that I am, I'd like to share and help preserve this beautiful, beautiful song that I can't seem to get tired of (plays on my iTunes and my mobile) by the same wonderful artist.

Don't mind the last part. I know there's a boo-boo somewhere at the end; she must have been rattled by performing live in such an intimate venue with Mariah. I'm a Whitney fan through and through but we all know Mariah can out sing her when she belts out those high C's of hers. They both have outstanding voices and amazing vocal ranges but Whitney's songs are the ones I grew up with.

Personally, I find Mariah's songs a little impersonal. Wikipedia has this to say about Mariah, well-known for her vocal range, power, melismatic style, and use of the whistle register. However, some critics have said her efforts to showcase her vocal talents have been at the expense of communicating true emotion through song.

Or probably it's just the way she sings them. I have great respect for her as an artist and I admire her songwriting skills, spewing out those words, playing with phrasing and making them sound so liquid the words just melt together.

In Mariah's Breakdown, can you catch these words?

underneath the guise of smile gradually I'm dying inside
friends ask me how I feel and I lie convincingly
'Cuz I don't want to reveal the fact that I'm suffering
so I wear my disguise 'til I go home at night
and I turn down all the lights and then I break down and cry

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hunks of Justice

Impulse, Green Arrow, Clark Kent, Aquaman and Cybog

I just finished Episode 6 "Justice" of
Smallville and this has got to be the most exciting story that I have followed, so far. This is where Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is reunited with super friends who appeared in previous episodes and where the first hints of the creation of Justice League surfaced. Stars Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Kyle Garner as Bart Allen/Impulse, Alan Ritchson as Arthur Curry or AC/Aquaman and Lee Thompson Young as Victor Stone/Cyborg. In one scene, Green Arrow named Clark as "Boy Scout" when he was talking to Chloe at Green Arrow's watch tower.